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Security Scanners

Question: Can I use this as a pinpoint for finding coins?

Answer: Yes it picks up really any kind of metals when trying to scan them.

Question: Based on actual use, how sensitive is it? I need one for finding small gauge staples in wood (<1" thick) before running it through my equipment.

Answer: Hi, Im a woodworker too and thats what I bought it for. It works very well better than some that are more expensive and being longer it covers more ground I'd say it will do what you want. Im very pleased.

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Question: What is the range of the wand? Do I need to be within 2 inches of it or will it detect from a foot away as well?

Answer: The closer the better, definitely within 6 inches. 

Question: Would this be good for a church? We ask woman and men not to bring bags into church. We just want everyone to be safe and check for hidden guns.

Answer: Yes I think this would work to check bags. However most purses have metal as part of the purse that would set it off.